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We use our toll free phone number and e-mail address in all ads which promotes more inquiries. The more we know about your motorhome or travel trailer, the better the chances we have of being successful in securing a buyer for you. We also help potential rv buyers secure financing if needed. As we constantly receive inquiries from potential buyers looking for specific motorhomes or travel trailers, we may already have a buyer waiting for an rv like yours.  If you are ready to take a positive step in selling your rv, we will gladly send you 4 forms that will explain our services, information needed on your rv and the associated fees. Upon receiving these forms, there is no obligation or pressure to list your motorhome with us.


                                             One of the greatest features is that you retain possession and continued use of your motor home while we market it for you. No interruption of pleasure. No unloading and tied up on a consignment lot and no long term contract. This also eliminates the chances of theft of your electronics and needless traipsing through your rv while a dealership uses your coach freely to boost his inventory. We currently use approximately 12 sites  around the internet to advertise all units for maximum exposure.  Upon listing your motorhome with the US, all inquiries and phone calls are handled by our office promptly. The only time you are bothered is when we have a question that we can not answer for a client or when we have a serious player ready to come out and personally inspect your unit. You are not  bothered by all the ‘window shoppers’ or ‘tire kickers’ all hours of the day and night. This saves you much aggravation and also eliminates the flood of calls       from dealers wanting to offer you a wholesale amount or less.

Disclosure: We have an excellent reputation and success rate in the RV industry and to continue to insure that, we will only broker units that are in topnotch condition and             fairly priced. All necessary repairs must to made prior to listing. We broker Class “A”,             Class “B” and Class “C” motorhomes, bus conversions, fifth wheels and travel trailers.



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