Top 10 RV Selling Tips

10. Clear away personal items from your rig to show off how much space it has. Buyers will be much better able to visualize how they will use the space, which will increase their interest.

9. Include photos with your listing to show buyers how great your rig is and pique their interest in seeing it in person.

8. Set a realistic sale price for the quality of your rig within local market ranges. If your list price is too high, some buyers may walk away rather than haggle with you.

7. Take out ads in several places: local newspaper, online classifieds, community bulletin boards, etc. The greater the exposure the more potential buyers you’ll have.

6. Clean your rig until it sparkles-inside and out. A detailed once-over can get you top dollar when you rig looks new again. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service if the task seems overwhelming.

5. Use an escrow firm to exchange goods between you and the buyer to avoid scams.

4. Pick a spot to display your RV for interested buyers to take a peek. Main roads and large parking lots are great for pass-by traffic. Interested parties can then call you to check out the interior.

3. Take your RV to a qualified RV mechanic to check for any needed repairs. Fixing minor problems can get you a higher sale price.

2. Make sure your contact information is correct and that you are readily available to take inquiries. Buyers may need to reach you “after hours”. Don’t forget to include your email address, and check for new messages daily.

1. Advertise special features or any extra equipment as a package deal. It could be that extra perk that gets buyers drooling-and willing to pay a little more for your RV.



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