Seller Agreement

RV Consignment Agreement

Todd Taylor RV

716-541-1799 office

FAX 716-541-1798

716-932-0115 Cell

Email :

(See Consignment Details)

Consigner / Seller  _____________________________________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

Phone #______________________________________________________________________

Lien Holder Pay Off _________________________________

Make Series _______________________________________

Model Year Type (circle one): TT FW CLASS A CLASS C CLASS B DIESEL BUS POP up __________________________________________________________________

1) Consignee (TTRV) is authorized to negotiate for the sale and to sell Consigners (Sellers) described property (RV above).

2) No up front fees

3) Consigner (Seller) can sell their RV while their unit is on inventory at TTRV.

4) Consigner (Seller) agrees BA, Non Circumvent and Hold Harmless

5) Consigner (Seller) agrees to pay TTRV a flat rate of $ : ____________ or percentage of _________ sale price $____________ when unit sells.

6) Net proceeds to client : $ ___________

Seller : _______________________________________


Agent: _______________________________________

Todd A Taylor


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